Arms and The Man (what else?)

MIAMI — A new administrative policy bans police officers from taking their guns next time they attend a Miami city commission meeting unless they are assigned to City Hall or handling a call.

Rick PerryThe new rule follows a protest in February where dozens of officers who belong to the police union stormed the chambers during a commission meeting. The officers were protesting what they described as unfair cuts to their benefits. Officers will now have to check their guns at the door before entering the chambers.

“The demonstration opened everybody’s eyes into the potential for security concerns in City Hall,” said Police Chief Manual Orosa. Orosa and Mayor Thomas Regalado said city employees and others attending the meeting were concerned that the officers were armed.  In a department-wide email, Orosa called the protesters a “mob” that left city staffers “in fear for their safety.”  — Miami Hurled

But this doesn’t make any sense does it?  Why should anybody feel LESS safe surrounded by armed individuals?  Doesn’t the NRA tells us that guns make for a SAFER society?  The only way to stop bad guys, etc.?

And these aren’t ordinary gunnies, these are trained, sworn police officers.

Instead of taking away the cops’ guns, why doesn’t everybody else working in or visiting City Hall carry a weapon of their own?  Wouldn’t adding armed citizens to the mix make it safer?  As Dylan sang, “EVERYbody must get gunned.”

Oh dear.  I’m so confused.

Where’s our old pal Jewish Marksman to clear this up for us?  I’m sure he’s okay — he’s always armed.

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5 Responses to Arms and The Man (what else?)

  1. Red White & Blue says:

    Why do you hate America?

  2. Dawgbowl says:

    Said many times: Cops don’t carry guns to protect the public, they carry them to protect themselves.

  3. 'Nonymous says:

    The police union, naturally, is challenging this order on Constitutional grounds. What I find interesting here is the mayor’s tactics. He properly understands that disarming his opposition gives him an advantage and adds to his power. This is exactly what Obama and you dickless liberals are trying to do by taking away our guns, and for the exact same reason.

    • Living Will says:

      Obama wants to take away our guns? Guess I missed that story. However, I did see a related story, “Fox News and the NRA Say Obama Wants to Take Away Guns.” Maybe that’s what you mean?

  4. Wonton Amaro says:

    “Jewish Marksman”? Is that another term for mohel? If it is, seems he’d be armed with a knife, not a gun.

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