New Mexican Diet Food Discovered!

With Cinqo de Mayo right around the corner, and every other weekend and other excuse to drink to excess in between, here’s wonderful news:

casta bravaA new study suggests that agavins, the sugars found in the plant used to make tequila, may offer health benefits to people who suffer from obesity or diabetes.

According to the study, agavins increase the body’s production of GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1), a hormone that slows the stomach from emptying. Raised levels of GLP-1 tell the brain that it’s time to stop eating, thus suppressing your appetite….. Plus, they are one of the best sugars at aiding the growth of healthful microbes in the mouth and intestines. —

I can always stand to shed a few extra lbs, especially if I want to perform next month in those 70’s Jordache jeans stashed in the back of my closet.  Let’s get this diet set up and served! It’s 5:00 somewhere.

photo:  Very rare bottle of Casta Brava reposado.  (Unfortunately, empty.)

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2 Responses to New Mexican Diet Food Discovered!

  1. Hose B says:

    Mexicans have known about this for years. It’s why they’re all so slim and lean.

  2. guido says:

    Yogurt also helps the intestinal flora, which is why you should eat yogurt while taking antibiotics. Since you won’t eat yogurt, tequila sounds like the perfect alternative.

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