Sorry, All Bats Are Off.

bat soupTo help quell its first Ebola outbreak, the West African nation of Guinea has banned bat soup. Bats are believed to be the natural reservoirs of the filovirus that causes Ebola, and fruit bats are a popular food in West Africa, usually cooked in a peppery soup or smoked over a fire. While boiled bat meat is presumably safe, smoked meat could be dangerous, and butchering bats for the table certainly is. The current outbreak in Guinea has killed 63 people….Most outbreaks are thought to start when jungle hunters eat the flesh of apes that died of Ebola, presumably after eating fruit contaminated by bat feces or saliva. But where bats are in the diet — as they are in parts of Africa, Asia and the Pacific — no intermediary host is needed.  —NYTimes

Perhaps some fresh water moccasin filet instead?

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6 Responses to Sorry, All Bats Are Off.

  1. J. Arthur Rank says:

    Poor little bat. He died, died.

  2. Stan Garde says:

    I had this is Disneyland once. They told me it was Mickey’s cousin.

  3. E.O. Hippus says:

    Oh, look — it’s doing the “bat-stroke.”

  4. BATTY MAN says:

    Is there where the saying “BAT SOUP-CRAZY came from?

  5. Squathole says:

    To all my 360+ recent visitors from the Republic of Korea via I don’t know what brought you here to this post, but I’m very honored and pleased by your interest. Thanks and come back soon. And maybe leave a comment too so I have some idea what’s going on?

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