Barn Again

Well, we can’t in good conscience let THIS go, can we?

Two women facing animal cruelty charges in South Florida in connection to an animal torture pornographic video entered not guilty pleas Monday.

Stephanie Hird and Sara Zamora entered the pleas during a court appearance Monday in Miami-Dade. Hird, 29, remains out on bond. Zamora, 28, remains behind bars without bond.

Hird faces five counts of animal cruelty while Zamora faces eight counts of animal cruelty….Zamora was charged earlier this month for her role in a video called “SOS Barn,” according to the Miami Herald, which first reported the story.

The video shows her and other pornographic actresses torturing and killing chickens, rabbits and other animals for the “sexual gratification of its viewers,” according to police….In one clip of “SOS Barn,” police said Zamora is seen groping a man’s genitals with one hand while cutting a chicken’s neck with hedge clippers with her other hand, the Herald reported. She also karate-chopped the necks of several rabbits and admitted to killing them.

Videos that depict animal torture and death is [sic] illegal under Florida law. —

All these years later, I’m still astonished at the expansive array of activities that somebody, somewhere, finds sexually stimulating. No, that’s wrong. It’s not “somebody,” it’s entire populations worldwide, sufficient in number to inspire entire industries featuring movies, photos, websites, and for all I know, fan clubs. Chickens and hedge clippers. WWFPD? (What would Frank Perdue Do?)

frank_perdue.03There’s a whole cult that enjoys watching women wearing nothing but smiles and thigh-high boots stomp kittens and puppies to death. This makes garden variety cockfighting and bestiality look almost normal. Plenty of that in Florida, too.

There’s even a name for it: Zoosadism.

On a personal note, I’m certain that I wouldn’t be real comfortable in circumstances where my naked crotch and a hedge clippers were in the hands of the same individual, no matter how many chickens, rabbits, or guinea pigs were involved. I mow the lawn barefoot, not bare-assed, and even then, there’s limited animal life or spectators.

Wow. If I keep this up, I’ll be labeled an uptight humorless conservative bigot with no sense of adventure. Okay.




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4 Responses to Barn Again

  1. Diesel Fitter says:

    “What Would Frank Perdue Do?” That made me wonder: is “Perdue Do” another term for “chicken shit?”

  2. E.O. Hippus says:

    Hey, not that I’m interested myself, but maybe you want to post some links to sites where we could research those naked thigh-boot wearing hamster stompers? For science, you know. Thanks.

  3. Joe Balls says:

    Note that (1) it’s women who perform, and (2) men who want to see it. Kind of a sad commentary all around.

  4. Rollo Nickels says:

    “She also karate-chopped the necks of several rabbits and admitted to killing them.”

    I call Bullshit! Whoever saw a rabbit with a neck? Bullshit! BULLSHIT!!.

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