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Them’s Gettin’ Theirs

I get a call the other day from a party representing the “Debt Collection Fraud Hotline.” They want to offer assistance just in case I am currently or have been hassled illegally by anybody attempting to collect a debt. Not … Continue reading

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The Umpire State

The long Memorial Day weekend provides opportunity to partake of the social life at the Liquor and Rubber Balls Sports Emporium and Custom Gift Wrapping, so Saturday late afternoon I trip in (literally — just not used to shoes yet, … Continue reading

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My Cup Runneth Over

I won’t say how old I become today, but in dog years? I’m dead. Today’s the day I become as old as Guido. Whenever people ask me why we got married, I tell them it’s because I didn’t want to … Continue reading

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To Jury Duty. Shit I hate jury duty. I hate everything about it. This “jury of your peers” nonsense is whipped cream on bullshit. How am I the peer of a wire fraud artist, ghetto thug, abusive spouse, or crooked … Continue reading

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One of those, “Why didn’t I think of this?” moments. When a 62-year-old St. Johns County woman decided she didn’t like the sort of people who had been living next door, a bulldozer solved the problem. Except the demolished trailer … Continue reading

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Looking Back on Mothers Day

Yesterday was Mothers Day, which doesn’t have a lot of direct relevance in this household any more: all our parental units are all long gone, and we’ve no offspring of our own. We used to have kids, but got shut … Continue reading

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Catch ‘Em at the Seminole Hard Rock

Syphilis Makes Big Comeback I think I saw these guy in Philly, at the Spectrum in 1978,  opening for Mott the Hoople. [via]    

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Say It Ain’t So

Nobody could accuse Dave Montenegro of either subtlety or ambiguity. The New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a man can have a license plate reading “COPSLIE,” saying that the regulation the Division of Motor Vehicles cited to bar him … Continue reading

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Is That An Echo In Your Eardrum, or Is It Cinco de Mayo Again?

Both, actually.  Nothing like re-running a rerun when a deadbeat wants to meet a deadline.  So here goes…. I started to write, “Not only is it Friday, it’s Cinco de Mayo Eve!”…… when it occurred to me that I’d written … Continue reading

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