Go With God

…. or not.

Atheists and nonbelievers from across the country will muster on Capitol Hill next week for a summit meeting organized by the Secular Coalition for America, a growing alliance of groups that has been giving the religious right an intensifying case of heartburn by lobbying for the separation of government and religion.

But what the Secular Coalition has not made public is that last week it dismissed its executive director, Edwina Rogers, an experienced Republican lobbyist whose conservative pedigree elevated the profile of the secular movement when she was hired just over two years ago. — NYTimes

Something to do with misappropriated funds by her subordinates.  Imagine.

“We knew what we were doing when we hired a conservative Republican,” one board member told reporters.  “We knew the risks, the dangers, the high probability of corruption.  That goes with the territory.

“But against that tendency, we figured that lacking any supernatural beliefs, she’d be basically honest.  Without a god to blame things on the way most believers do, we counted on her capacity to walk the straight and narrow.

“Guess we learned something about how thoroughly corrupting and ruinous it can be to harbor Republican tendencies.  They’re not only more powerful than god, they’re stronger than godlessness!”

Reached for a reaction, a spokscritter for Ms. Rogers said, “Oh, go to hell.”

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3 Responses to Go With God

  1. Hell, THOSE GOP sorts go withOUT God even while singing in church…

  2. Neil, A Christian Soul says:

    You’re entitled to spin your own fantasies any way you like, I guess. But the way I see this is, perhaps if these unfortunately misguided non-believers opened their hearts and minds to The Lord, they would have had a moral compass to guide their actions.

    • Living Will says:

      Sounds right to me, Neil. It’s not like there’s any corruption in churches or religious organizations, right? What planet are you from?

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