We’ve Only Just Be-Gunned

Here’s the sort of thing that happens when ammosexual legislators let lobbyists write laws for them.

gunshine-stateTALLAHASSEE — The Florida Supreme Court will consider whether convicted felons have the right to claim immunity under the state’s “stand your ground” self-defense law — even if they are barred from possessing guns in the first place.

Justices agreed this week to hear the case of Brian Bragdon, who was charged in Palm Beach County with two counts of attempted first-degree murder, shooting into an occupied vehicle, discharging a firearm from a vehicle and being a felon in possession of a firearm, according to court documents. — Tampa Bay Times

Seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? Even here in the gunshine state, convicted felons aren’t legally permitted to possess firearms. (I know, I know — damn granny state libturds with no respect for the Constitution’s god-given protection of an American’s right to bear shoulder- mounted surface-to-air missile launchers.) So when this convicted felon fired the gun he wasn’t supposed to have 40 times or so from inside his car into another one (instead of say, driving away?), he doesn’t get to claim SYG protection, does he?

Well, maybe yes maybe nuh. This is what the court gets to decide, taking into consideration an entirely separate case where the 2nd District Court of Appeal determined that a section of the law “does not preclude persons who are engaged in an unlawful activity from using deadly force in self-defense when otherwise permitted.”

In other words, just because you’re a convicted felon violating the law once more by possessing and firing a weapon, it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to use that weapon you illegally posses to defend yourself with deadly force. Seems logical. If you’re a monkey-brain gun nut killing gay commies for Christ.

We’ll see where this goes, but don‘t be surprised if Florida’s Supremes take a page from the SCOTUS playbook and rule that the defendant is actually a closely-held corporation whose religion would be violated were he prohibited from firing his illegally possessed weapon at anybody or anything that threatened his piety.

Why, that doesn’t even sound strange anymore.


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4 Responses to We’ve Only Just Be-Gunned

  1. 'Nonymous says:

    And of course, you blame the gun itself, right? The gun is the problem here.

    • "Esq." A Lawyer says:

      While the gun is not the problem, its possession and use by the felon is. The real issue, though, is the one articulated at the beginning of the essay: this statute was prepared by NRA lobbyists and introduced verbatim by lickspittle legislators addicted to campaign funds and beholden to dimwitted constituents. It is the story of guns, the NRA, and red state electorates nationwide. Whatever else you may make of Florida’s SYG law, it is poorly conceived, terribly crafted, and irresponsibly ambiguous. As this case reveals.

  2. Ted Williams' Head says:

    Try this: Can you claim ‘Stand Your Ground’ if you’re trespassing? Which is to say, the ground you’re standing is off-limits to you, so it’s illegal to be standing on it. Same issue, but with the ground instead of the gun. Inquiring (and detached) minds want to know!

  3. Wonton Amaro says:

    ‘Nonymous sounds like the assholes I bump into all the time who simply can’t wrap their little brains around the evidence in front of them, which is that the more guns there are floating around, the more dangerous it is to virtually everybody, armed or not.

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