Please Ignore the Following

1346449138-shotglasset_lgNews You Can Lose:

If you thought one drink per day is good for your heart, be prepared to change your habit as researchers have found that reducing alcohol consumption even in light drinkers improves cardiovascular health.

Individuals who consume 17 percent less alcohol per week have on average a 10 percent reduced risk of coronary heart disease, lower blood pressure and a lower body mass index, the findings showed.

The latest findings call into question previous studies which suggest that consuming light-to-moderate amounts of alcohol (0.6-0.8 fluid ounces/day) may have a protective effect on cardiovascular health.

“Contrary to what earlier reports have shown, it now appears that any exposure to alcohol has a negative impact upon heart health,” said Michael Holmes, research assistant professor at University of Pennsylvania in the US.

The new research reviewed evidence from more than 50 studies that linked drinking habits and cardiovascular health for over 260,000 people.

Researchers found that individuals who carry a specific gene which typically leads to lower alcohol consumption over time have, on average, superior cardiovascular health records. —

Just in time to ruin your weekend!


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8 Responses to Please Ignore the Following

  1. I wish “science” could make up its damn mind!

  2. Rick says:

    I’ll drink to that!

  3. Rollo Nickels says:

    I call bullshit. People who don’t drink don’t even have a heart — how can their “cardiovascular heath” be improved? Bullshit! BULLSHIT!!

  4. Constance Turmohel says:

    “I wear the chain I forged in life. I made it link by link, and yard by yard;
    I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it.”

  5. Squathole says:

    Wow. Rick and Rollo back not from the dead but visiting same. And CT still with us. The Power of Alcohol. Welcome back one and all.

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