One If by Land, Two If By Sea

Hey, South Florida! Planning your outdoor activities for the weekend?

flesheaterFlorida health officials are warning those headed for the water to make sure they’re aware of a flesh-eating bacteria.

Two people have contracted the flesh-eating vibrio vulnificus in the past month in Sarasota County. One victim has died.

Michael Drennon, an epidemiologist with the Sarasota County Health Department, says anyone with an open wound should think twice before heading into warm salt water. –

“Anybody with an open wound?” How about anybody with flesh?

Meanwhile, back on dry land:

Chikungunya — a tropical disease with a funny name that packs a wallop like having your bones crushed — has finally taken up residence in the United States.

Ever since the first local transmission of chikungunya was reported in the Americas late last year, health officials have been bracing for the arrival of the debilitating, mosquito-borne virus in the United States. Just seven months after the first cases were found in the Caribbean, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the first locally acquired case of chikungunya in Florida.

As of right now, the Florida Department of Health confirmed there are at least two cases. One case is in Miami Dade County and the other is in Palm Beach County. —cnn

Evidently it’s like dengue fever — already well established in Florida — but on steroids. If you’re lucky, you die quickly, the less fortunate linger in agony. You might live, of course, but symptoms persist for years, among them nausea, excruciating joint pain, dizziness, and diarrhea.

Oh, and stay out of the direct sun:

Acting U.S. Surgeon General Boris D. Lushniak wants to shine a spotlight on the nation’s ever-growing number of skin cancer cases, calling it a “major public health problem that requires immediate action.”…. Lushniak highlights some disquieting facts about the disease and its most deadly form, melanoma. There are 63,000 new cases of melanoma diagnosed each year, and an estimated 9,000 annual deaths from the disease, many of them involving teens and young adults.

The report, the first time the surgeon general has publicly focused on skin cancer, urges ordinary Americans to take long-recommended preventive steps such as wearing sunscreen and seeking shade when outdoors. But it also calls on other sectors of society, from researchers to policymakers, to play a role in turning back the tide of the disease. —

Trifecta! The perfect storm! I can only surmise that these developments are a grim foreboding of Florida’s imminent status as an uninhabitable wasteland, flooded on the coasts, baked in the middle, and infested by invasive, mutant biological entities large and small, more insidious than even its political leadership.

What’s next? Beer is fattening!?

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3 Responses to One If by Land, Two If By Sea

  1. Frank of Oregon says:

    Yeah. Sometimes I ask myself why the hell I’m still here. Then I remember winter where I came from.

  2. Living Will says:

    People all over the contry sent me news about that flesh-eating bacteria. I told them all the only reason I stay in Florida is for the hurricanes.

  3. Living Will says:

    And I don’t mean the football team.

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