Insert Fart Jokes Here

I’m certain there’s a perfectly good explanation for this…..

wind I just don’t know what it is. “Wind mitigation” at the library downtown Ft Lauderdale? Perhaps dozens of readers simultaneously opening and closing books or leafing through pages creates dangerous drafts?

Maybe there’s a clue provided in that listing of every Broward County commissioner. Maybe it’s their wind that needs mitigation. In fact, it does, but what does that have to do with the library?

I guess I could visit this site and learn more about it, but that would mitigate my capacity for snarky remarks.



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3 Responses to Insert Fart Jokes Here

  1. Mime Your Manners says:

    * ___ *

  2. Flaming Yon says:

    Ass Gas Grass — Nobody Rides 4 Free.

  3. Silent But Deadly says:

    Mitigation is defined as a noun
    that is the lessening of the force or
    intensity of something
    unpleasant. I guess this includes farts.

    Click to access Wind%20Mitigation%20Booklet%20.pdf

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