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Who Put the “Rude” in “Intruders”?

This shouldn’t surprise anybody. “To be quite honest with you all, the vast majority of the people we come into contact with exhibit signs of mental illness.” — Julia A. Pierson, the director of the Secret Service, on visitors to … Continue reading

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Pabst Smear

This says it best: “Russians just bought America’s Most Beloved Crappy Beer.” “We were advised that even the Russians couldn’t make this swill worse than it’s been for 130 years,” Russian CEO Pyotr Pisninacupski told BeerSlurpers Magazine in an exclusive … Continue reading

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Following yet another pis-poor performance for a team that overpaid for his services, Phillies’ closer Jonathan Papelbon strode off the field, grabbing his shrunken nuts, and contemptuously gesturing at derisive fans. Hilarious video here. He was immediately ejected. He dashed … Continue reading

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Out of the Race and Off the Hook

While it’s challenging to find anything positive to say regarding the Giancarlo Stanton incident, at least it signals the end of the annoying prattle in the Miami Hurled and other local media about the team’s “legitimate” shot at a wild … Continue reading

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It’s pretty bad when I start getting bad job-related dreams when I don’t even have the job. Phone rings and it’s the program administrator from the grant-making agency. Seems he’s a trifle bent out of shape because I’d sent in … Continue reading

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That’s Me in the Spotlight

By now, even this Luddite has heard all about the international hacking ring responsible for publishing celebrity nude photos on the innerweebs. It’s the biggest story over the Labor Day weekend since the BHO’s infamous tan suit, which at first … Continue reading

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