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According to the latest edition of the Hollywood Lakes newsletter, there have been many complaints about service provided by Waste Management, to which the city of Hollywood outsourced its contract to remove trash, recycled materials, and bulk materials including yard … Continue reading

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Going Down in the Alps

As a child it amused me that “Alps” backwards is “spla.” In fact I still find that vaguely humorous, although this week’s deveopment mitigates against it. I don’t find these people humorous at all. It took this bunch less than … Continue reading

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To Arms! Two Knives! Two Forks!

CAIRO — A poet and activist hit with a blast of birdshot from a police shotgun during a march to lay flowers in Tahrir Square in Cairo died because she was too thin, a spokesman for Egypt’s medical examiner said … Continue reading

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Czech Without a Neck

Can’t let Concrete Charlie slip away without a note, can we? Chuck Bednarik was a bit before my time, already a legendary local hero by the time I started paying attention to sports. He was the last of the tribe … Continue reading

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Space. The Final Frontier. Keep it Clean.

Given the name of this Halandale establishment, it seems to me that the store should be empty. And I mean, completely empty, literally nothing inside the four walls. But then, we should be surprised that it’s even standing, having withstood … Continue reading

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It’s In the Bag

We have a bunch of cats and a large-ish dog, so for economy’s sake we buy pet food in big awkward packages. We have to store these packages in a sealed closet because one of our cats — Chuckles, the … Continue reading

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Erin Go Bragh-less (again)

Happy Saint Paddy’s day. It’s almost time for the day’s first Guinness and I haven’t posted anything, but I see that readers around the world have checked in for something relevant and landed on something I posted several years ago. … Continue reading

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