Space. The Final Frontier. Keep it Clean.

vacuumGiven the name of this Halandale establishment, it seems to me that the store should be empty. And I mean, completely empty, literally nothing inside the four walls.

But then, we should be surprised that it’s even standing, having withstood forces of the universe. Remember the high-school dictum, “Nature hates a vacuum?”

Some would argue that all of Hallandale is something of a vacuum, and a corrupt one at that, but political leaders dismiss such derisive comments as, well, empty.

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7 Responses to Space. The Final Frontier. Keep it Clean.

  1. cap peterson says:

    that sucks!

  2. Piles says:

    This is the place where Gov Rick Scott bought his leadership skills and integrity.

    • Wonton Amaro says:

      News report: Employees at the Governor’s Mansion reveal that Gov. Scott has prohibited the words “inegrity,” “leadership skills,” and “intelligence.” A spokesscum for the Governor denied there was any such written policy.

  3. Jack Wagon says:

    There’s no such thing as a vacuum. If there’s nothing there, then there’s nothing there, right?

  4. Jack Wagon says:

    And if there’s nothing between two objects, then those two objects are right next to one another.

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