Actual Headline

from the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel last Saturday.

Sun-Sent headerIt resembles English, just as the Sun-Sentinel resembles a real newspaper. Few people are fooled anymore. We have a Sunday subscription for which we pay $10 a YEAR: Guido figures it’s worth it for the coupons (Look! up to $478 worth in this edition alone!) They toss in the Wednesday and Saturday papers, too, which I promptly toss out.


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1 Response to Actual Headline

  1. Miami Harold says:

    It’s a dreadful production made on the cheap and the fly.
    Yesterday’s wire-service news cut-and-pasted fresh daily.
    Tired commentary witlessly embellished with cliches and apologies.
    Onion-skin coverage of local events.
    Why bother? Readers deserve better, and so do trees.

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