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Just Nasty

The only ones I would wish this on are Dallas Cowboys fans.

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One Month, Carded Twice!

After my session in downtown Miami yesterday I drove ‘way south to Sunset Corner liquor store because they have Revolucion Tequila (including reposado and anjeo) and nobody else in south Florida does. It’s a long ride. I’ve been there a … Continue reading

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Meat, The New Boss

The Marlins fire their manager and replace him with a guy with zero major league experience, whose last baseball managerial position was with a high school team in the 80s. In other related news, Marlins President Jeff Loria replaces his … Continue reading

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Well, He Stole Her Boyfriend’s Heart, So…….

An Oklahoma woman accused of slashing the face and cutting body parts off the corpse of a romantic rival will appear in a Tulsa court on Friday for a hearing on increasing her bail, law enforcement officials said. Prosecutors said … Continue reading

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The “Ed Stone”

Too funny to resist. Who needs Monty Python when we have Real British Politics? LONDON — The British press on Tuesday was hot on the trail of the “Ed Stone,” the much ridiculed stone tablet — more than eight feet … Continue reading

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Grass Not for Smokin’

Last February I fertilized the citrus tree on the front lawn. No, I did not fuck it in a knothole, which reminds us all of the joke about “Tarzan check for hornet nest,” right? An old chestnut, pardon the pun. … Continue reading

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@_Florida Man

@_FloridaMan — Faithfully working to keep news from the nation’s dicktip in the eye of the general public.  

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Booed and ‘Balled Santa Kicks the Bucket

Not too many tourists find their way inside the Liquor & Rubber Balls Sports Emporium and Muffler Bearings Replacement Service — it’s a Regulars’ kind of dive, and unless you are one, you’re probably less than comfortable in a lesbian … Continue reading

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