One Month, Carded Twice!

After my session in downtown Miami yesterday I drove ‘way south to Sunset Corner liquor store because they have Revolucion Tequila (including reposado and anjeo) and nobody else in south Florida does. It’s a long ride.

I’ve been there a few times before on the same mission, but they don’t know me. Yet.

revolucion1I’m greeted by the bouncer-sized clerk with the shining bald dome I’ve seen before, and head straight to the tequila aisle. But godammit — I don’t see the Revolucion.

Sensing my consternation (rolling on the floor and banging my fists while screaming in frustration), Bouncer asks me if I need help. I tell him what I seek. He points me to the shelf with 5 kinds of Revolucion that I (typically) didn’t see even though it was right in front of me.

“Right before my eyes and I don’t see it,” I exclaim, drying my tears. “Good thing I’m driving.” He laughs a bit grimly.

I put 2 bottles of the Reposado on the counter. That’s my favorite. It was my first love, really. Among tequilas, that is.

I hand him my credit card, which he examines rather warily, than asks me for ID. Odd — maybe I look seedier and more derelict-y than usual? I produce my drivers license.

He compares names, then says “DOB 1950 — so you’re…..about 65?”

“This month,” I tell him. “Wanna see my brand new Medicare card?”

He laughs again. “It’s prom time,” he explains. “We got kids comin’ in with fake IDs looking for liquor. Some of ‘em dress up and put some grey in their hair trying to get by. Can’t be too careful.”

zOMG — was I actually just carded? Suspected of underage liquor procurement? Me? I haven’t been carded since Pong was the rage. This man just mistook me for a minor! And I’m the blind one?

“Have a great week,” he says, handing me my purchase.

“You just made it for me,” I tell him, and limp away.

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