Yahoo. I Mean It.

The most amazing thing happened to me the other day. Forget meeting Jesus for coffee, getting through the Palmetto without a delay or near-fatal incident, or having an enjoyable conversation with a teenager.

I catomlinlled AT&T about a problem with my email on my cell phone, and the first person I talked to spoke flawless English, explained what was going on, and fixed it quickly.

You think I’m lying, don’t you. No, you KNOW I’m lying. I blame you not: this has never happened to me before, nor do I know anybody else who can make the claim. And of course, I don’t anticipate that it will happen ever again.

The problem? I was getting my email on my computer but not my phone. I try a few tricks — review the settings, shut down and restart, even go looking on-line to see if I could find a forum that addressed a similar issue and how to repair. Nothing.

So, whimpering quietly with knotted fists, I call.

The dreaded 4-tone theme followed by a recorded greeting. I am to enter (or say) the 10-digit number I’m calling about. I do. The botprick “doesn’t recognize” it. I do it again. Same result. I start screaming into the phone “Put a live person on the line! FUCK this shit! I can’t deal with your cockbite brain dead machines! Agent! Agent!” which believe it or not often works (I’d love to hear these recordings played back for training purposes, as they claim they do) but all I get this time is directions to dial 611 and proceed from there. Which I do.

A short delay, and then the agent comes on and asks me what the problem is. “Good news,” she says. “It’s not your phone, your computer, or anything at all on your end. If you’re a legacy customer, your data is handled by ATT/Yahoo, and Yahoo reports that there are issues that prevent them from pushing data from their servers to phones — not computers — and they’re working on it. Meanwhile, I can give you a workaround right now so you won’t miss a single email.”

Which she goes on to do — she tells me put her on speaker phone and go to the App page where I download Yahoo Mail, install it, and it immediately fetches all my missing email. She walks me through the entire process and answers every question I have. She says her own preference is to use this App rather than the software supplied by her iPhone.

I am so delighted and relieved I don’t ask her the obvious question: If AT&T and Yahoo were aware of the difficulties customers were experiencing, why didn’t they send communications out to their customers acknowledging the problem and providing their recommended workarounds? Why does a international communications company with access to social media, text messaging, email, and even old-fashioned telephones behave reactively rather than proactively?

Anyway, it’s a first, doubtlessly unique, so I had to share. Especially as I anticipate the remainder of my interactions with this company will regress to the mean. Pun intended.

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4 Responses to Yahoo. I Mean It.

  1. Rollo Nickels says:

    I call bullshit. Nobody at ATT, Yahoo, bellsouth, or Apple would handle this problem this well. This never happened. You’re clearly on the take here pimping their services. Hope it makes you some beer money, but I still call Bullshit. BULLSHIT!!

  2. Lois Terms says:

    Put enough chimpanzees in a room with typewriters, and after a thousand years you’ll get King Lear. Enjoy it. YOLO.

  3. One Man's Opinion says:

    “If AT&T and Yahoo were aware of the difficulties customers were experiencing, why didn’t they send communications out to their customers acknowledging the problem and providing their recommended workarounds?”

    If your phone wasn’t receiving email how would you have known?

    • Squathole says:

      Text messaging, computer e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and how about an automated telephone call like they use to pester customers about buying new services? “Dear ATT Customer please be advised that our server is experiencing technical difficulties pushing email to cell phone service. Please dial 611 for immediate assistance. Thank you for your patience.” Ain’t rocket surgery.Just good customer service, which for ATT seems to be harder.

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