Dirt Nap Ditty

Red Mascara, who became New Jersey’s most persistent lobbyist with his 55-year bid to make a ditty he had written the official song of the state of Sinatra and Springsteen, died on June 20 at his home in Phillipsburg, N.J. He was 92.

MascaraMr. Mascara wrote the song “I’m From New Jersey” in 1960 after he heard that Gov. Robert B. Meyner had said that he wished there was an official state song to play when he arrived at functions.

He came closest to his goal in 1972, when the Legislature passed a bill recognizing “I’m From New Jersey” as the official state song. Mr. Mascara had hired a band to play it from the gallery of the Assembly chamber. But Gov. William Cahill vetoed it, telling reporters that the only thing worse than that song was hearing Mr. Mascara sing it. [via]

Tough audience, Red. They tend to get kinda in-your-face-y in Jersey. The current pinguid Governor carries on the tradition.

I never heard this song. Its lyrics are rather awkward. Any number of better suggestions are out there, e.g., this selection on the delightfully named website armpitnj.

But give Red Mascara credit for his efforts. Maybe now a heavenly choir will do it justice, and Red will have Eternal Attitude.  Yo — Eternal Peace don’t cut it for Jersey.

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3 Responses to Dirt Nap Ditty

  1. Borkon says:

    Well, let’s see. Our state bird is a mosquito, the state flower is ragweed, and the state animal is the sewer rat. We need a song that complements these official designations. But at least we’re not Philly.

  2. Barbara Ganousch says:

    “Pinguid.” Nice. I looked it up.

  3. Inquiring Minds says:

    Wait….Jersey’s got sewers??

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