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Abort Retry Fail

By now everybody has heard about the doctored Planned Parenthood videos targeting the agency’s tissue donation program, which have inspired ‘Pubs all over the fruited plains to loudly condemn any or all of the following plagues upon the nation: Killing … Continue reading

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A Walker in the City

The City of Brotherly Love, living up to its name. Wisconsin Gov. and presidential candidate Scott Walker stopped by Pat’s and Geno’s in South Philly today for a campaign event, and, perhaps not surprisingly, things appear to have not gone … Continue reading

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It’s Special

Not to downplay even a little bit the fabulous sex and uncountable money, it strikes me that included among the greatest benefits of celebrity are the opportunities to prominently participate in activities like this. Great job, Jamaal Charles. Oh, alright … Continue reading

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Tooth or Dare

Nothing like oral surgery first thing in the morning. My front tooth (#8, in technical terms), hanging loosely after fracturing in three places below the gum line and thoroughly infected, had to be excavated along with a chunk of bone. … Continue reading

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Red White & Boo Hoo

Spotted this on Facebook and had to chuckle……. In fact, I don’t agree — freedom of expression, no matter how odious and ignorant, isn’t susceptible to government penalization– but it’s an interesting perspective on those bitter hinds who grumble that … Continue reading

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Ya Gotta Believe

Despite dire warnings, anguished Sky-Is-Falling cries, and grim vows to resist, the military operation dubbed Jade Helm has been launched on schedule in Texas. In case you missed them, months ago the Wingnut Echo chamber was vibrating with alarms about … Continue reading

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“Heritage Not Hate.” And Big Mouth Fish.

Back from Marion County this morning — I just had to see the “Pride Ride” for myself. It’s just not often one has the opportunity to be immersed in such a colossal stew of ignorance, bigotry, and simmering violence (outside … Continue reading

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Summer on the Beach

Who doesn’t miss Calvin & Hobbes?

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And Have a Nice Day

Got plans for tomorrow? For Friday’s Quds Day rallies, the annual protest against the Israeli occupation of Palestine (Quds is the Persian name for Jerusalem), Iran’s Coordination Council of Islamic Propaganda released the preferred slogans on its website on Tuesday. … Continue reading

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Maybe They’ll Move to Richmond, Too

The Washington Redskins lost their biggest legal and public relations battle yet in the war over its mascot after a federal judge in Northern Virginia on Wednesday ordered the cancellation of the NFL team’s federal trademark registrations, which have been … Continue reading

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