Maybe They’ll Move to Richmond, Too

Redskins_Name_Football-06b7a-855The Washington Redskins lost their biggest legal and public relations battle yet in the war over its mascot after a federal judge in Northern Virginia on Wednesday ordered the cancellation of the NFL team’s federal trademark registrations, which have been opposed for decades by many Native Americans who feel the moniker disparages their race. –Washington Post

Deploring the decision, a spokesman for the team assured fans and boosters that while an appeal is inevitable, contingency plans were already in the works. “So far we’ve explored several alternatives, with one clearly emerging favorite,” he told reporters.

Sample below.


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5 Responses to Maybe They’ll Move to Richmond, Too

  1. Red White & Blue says:

    Why do you hate America?

  2. Private Partz says:

    Now that’s pretty damn funny.

  3. Mr. Potato Head says:

    Easily resolved but maybe a lumpy resignation with the new motto,

    “We’re not as good as we look.”

  4. Elemenno P says:

    Seems to me the Redskins ought to be indignant over the implied association with Washington.

  5. Edgar Allen Podunk, Goth Hick says:

    Maybe they should just change the name to honor a specific tribe. I recommend the Fukawee.

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