A Walker in the City

The City of Brotherly Love, living up to its name.

Walker in the CityWisconsin Gov. and presidential candidate Scott Walker stopped by Pat’s and Geno’s in South Philly today for a campaign event, and, perhaps not surprisingly, things appear to have not gone all that well.

First off, it appears that when Walker showed up, he cut his way into the line at Geno’s, which legitimately and understandably upset some members of the lunch crowd.

Then, when Walker got to the front of the line, he ordered his steak with American cheese and no onions. For many Philadelphians, that’s strike No. 2.

Then, over at Pat’s following his second steak, Walker reportedly left his trash on a table in the outdoor seating area, apparently expecting the steak shop to send out a member of the wait staff (which does not exist) to clean it up.  — philly.com

Tough crowd, Scotty. Be glad you’re merely a relative unknown. The ones they actively dislike have a much harder time. Try wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey next time you cut into a line.

American cheese, ferchrissakesackley. This from a Wisconsin cheesehead. Tasteless as well as clueless. A wanker in the city.


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4 Responses to A Walker in the City

  1. Constance Turmohel says:

    Speaking of Dallas fans, if you buy him 300 cheesesteaks or come up with $2700 cash, you
    can have your picture taken with Governor Krispy.


    • Elemenno P says:

      Dear Ms(?) Turmohel
      Which costs less?
      If I buy him the 300 cheesesteaks, does he have to eat them all in one sitting?
      Surrounded by Jets, Giants, Eagles, and even Buffalo and NE, why is that Jersey Boy a Cowboys fan? (Maybe you don’t want to answer that one.)

  2. Borkon says:

    Yeah but the big news around here is the Phillies finally unloaded PapSmear, and the great news is he went to a division rival most of us dislike more and more every year, so not only will we have plenty of opportunities to see him, we can continue to boo the piss out of him.

  3. Ruh Roh says:

    Show some respect. Wankers Lives Matter.

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