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Em Dee Promises

To celebrate our anniversary, I take Guido to the doctor — sorry. I mean, “Primary Caregiver” — because she is coughing like a coal miner, running a fever, and shaking like she’s being audited by IRS/ISIS for about a week, … Continue reading

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Cop Out

According to this, a new study demonstrates that the higher a state’s rate of gun ownership, the higher the likelihood of a law enforcement officer being killed. Among the 180,000 officers in the eight states with the lowest rates of … Continue reading

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Hollywood Class

They know me pretty well at the Hollywood Discount Liquor store on Federal Highway. Unlike most of their regular customers, I bathe, use a credit card, and have most of my teeth. Although that sure changed last month. When I … Continue reading

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Lowballing the Fans

“Got something to show you for your blog,” Duck Diamonds tells me as I settle into a booth at the Liquor & Rubber Balls Sports Emporium and Headlamp Fluid Repair Shoppe. He’s got this little grin on his face, but … Continue reading

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