Hollywood Class

They know me pretty well at the Hollywood Discount Liquor store on Federal Highway. Unlike most of their regular customers, I bathe, use a credit card, and have most of my teeth. Although that sure changed last month.Scumbag

When I walk in shoeless or shirtless (or both), they figure, “At least he’s not homeless.” I wonder if the closing of the Homeless Hilton a few blocks north hurt their business. BTW — that monstrosity is coming down starting this week. Keep an eye out for flying roaches and rodents,

Anyway, I spot this charming message on a stanchion in the parking lot. Turns out it refers to a local (Hollywood again) musician. I guess plastering his brand name in the parking lot of a liquor store catering to a largely vagabond population makes a lot of sense: you can visit his website to get an idea of his artistic orientation.

Hollywood Discount employs terrific people — courteous, helpful, friendly, and amazingly patient, considering their clientele. Good selection of tequila, too. If Guido ever throws me out and I find myself homeless, I plan to camp out in their parking lot by the Scumbag WorldWide sticker. Bring change.

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5 Responses to Hollywood Class

  1. Helen Highwater says:

    The city’s Final Solution — paying a shepherd $4 Million so he could bus the homeless out of town and prohibiting him from buying property in the city for 30 years — is no solution at all, not for the homeless. But it never really was about the homeless, was it.

  2. Merkin Way says:

    Not sorry to see that building come down. But then what? Yet another vacant lot on what should be prime commercial real estate?

  3. Ruh Roh says:

    I know that store and I question the wisdom of walking through it barefoot, let alone the parking lot.

  4. E.O. Hippus says:

    I’ve seen that very same sticker, but I just assumed it was somebody running for city commissioner.

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