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A Moment of Meta

Over the last two days there have been over 250 hits on this blog’s home page from Pakistan. I don’t know whether to be concerned or pleased, but I sure am puzzled. The last post got one Like (thanks, Labrys!) … Continue reading

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Ben Gaga

Perspective: Look at the numbers here, particularly the one with the dollar sign, and consider the following. The family of Glen Doherty, one of two CIA contractors killed during the September 2012 Benghazi attacks, is still struggling to collect death … Continue reading

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Weight For it

Weight Watchers International, Inc. announced a groundbreaking partnership with Oprah Winfrey to broaden its mission to prioritize overall health and wellness…..As a part of this long-term partnership, Winfrey is making a substantial equity investment in Weight Watchers and is joining … Continue reading

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Between the end of baseball’s regular schedule and the first set of post-season competition there often occur rewarding developments for true fans of the game. Here are two: The Washington Nationals, favored by many cognoscenti to not only prevail at … Continue reading

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Hitting the Fan

Hungry for culture? The (creatively named) named South Florida Museum in downtown Bradenton will host a display of fossilized excrement. In August, Guinness World Records certified George Frandsen’s coprolite collection as the world’s largest collection of fossilized dung. They meticulously … Continue reading

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