Ben Gaga

Perspective: Look at the numbers here, particularly the one with the dollar sign, and consider the following.

Benghazi-Press-Kit_Widespread-CriticismThe family of Glen Doherty, one of two CIA contractors killed during the September 2012 Benghazi attacks, is still struggling to collect death benefits from the government to which they say they’re entitled.

The family’s three-year fight is playing out in the courts, in Congress and at the CIA — which has authority to change administrative rules regarding survivor benefits — and is shedding light on a federal law that critics say does not do enough to protect the families of contractors working abroad on dangerous assignments.

So far, the family’s efforts to recover benefits from the government have stalled, running up against administrative hurdles and congressional delays. —Washington Post

Here’s your leadership at work. If the outraged ‘Pubs running this circus really gave a damn about those dead diplomats, they’d have fixed this long ago. But they don’t, so they didn’t.

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5 Responses to Ben Gaga

  1. Lois Terms says:

    It was never about dead diplomats, security, or anything related to Libya and Middle East unrest. Never. It was established as a political witch hunt, and last week it backfired badly. The witch won.

  2. Hugh Bris says:

    What else would you expect from a political party whose response to a terrorist attack that killed 3,000 people on American soil was to change “French Fries” to “Freedom Fries”?

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