Forging For Dollars

hancocksignaturelg_b34150Now, remember as you read this, this is a for profit American corporation. The sole goal is to make money. Anything goes

The former director of admissions at FastTrain College testified in federal court on Monday, telling jurors that school owner Alejandro Amor scolded employees over the forged signatures they were putting on student financial aid documents.

Amor wasn’t upset that the forgeries were happening, ex-employee Juan Arreola testified. The for-profit college owner was ticked off that they weren’t convincing enough.

“The name’s crooked … you need to coach your guys better,” Arreola said Amor told him. Amor’s suggested method, Arreola said: Put the original signature up to the sunlight in front of a glass window, and then trace it.

“You need to show your guys how to take forging classes,” Arreola said his former boss told him. — Miami Hurled

What a tag-team this Amor (Love) and Arreola (Nipple) made — and did he really say “crooked” without a pang of self-consciousness?

Anyway, these fine educators — I mean, entrepreneurs (for-profit, remember? It’s all good when the bottom line shines like gold) — are enjoying their day in court, having allegedly ripped off millions of dollars in grants and awards underwritten by you and me, dear readers.

I mention this because it’s important to remember that no matter how sleazy these lowlifes were, the layers of government charged with the oversight and management of the funds they stole utterly failed as well. And as far as I can tell, not one single bureaucrat will be held responsible, fined, or demoted, let alone fired or held for trial. Never forget that we pay their salaries, pensions, and health care insurance.

All moot, though, right? It won’t ever happen again, least of all in Florida.


Extra snark: Read this brilliant journalistic touch from the same article:

Arreola, who has already begun serving his 18-month prison sentence, wore a beige prison jump suit. When he walked, the metal ankle cuffs on his legs made a rattling sound.

Got that? “A rattling sound,” not smell or feel. Not just “rattled.” And why is this even reported?


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5 Responses to Forging For Dollars

  1. Hose B says:

    I take it forgery wasn’t on the curriculum. I trust in their next venture, that overwight will be addressed.

  2. Flaming Yon says:

    RE: Extra snark. How about this passage: “Put the original signature up to the sunlight in front of a glass window, and then trace it.” A “glass window.” Not, say, a window of opportunity.

  3. C.B. Hudirolf says:

    So what’s your conclusion? For-profit schools are a bad idea? Pell grants and other student financial support are bad policies? Corruption and incompetence are widespread in higher education and the regulation of its institutions? This should be the beginning of a discussion, not the end.

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