Cuttin’ Hutton

HuttonThe Marlins handed Tommy Hutton a pink slip, ending his 19-year run as color commentator. Hutton was articulate and well-informed, a straight shooter with a sense of humor whose love for the game came through clearly in his commentary. His timing was good, and he never over-emoted or exaggerated.

Keeping him on was the single good and right thing new ownership did when they took over. Yesterday they fixed that, too. Happy Thanksgiving, pal.

According to the Miami Hurled, they simply told him they were “going in a different direction.” We have learned that to this ownership group, that means, “cheaper.”

No replacement has been named yet. Maybe they’ll pull somebody already on payroll out of the front office to take over. Look how well that worked last season when they needed a manager.

Good luck, Tommy. Hope in your next gig they treat you better, but that shouldn’t be difficult.

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4 Responses to Cuttin’ Hutton

  1. Ruh Roh says:

    Saw this, too. Marlins are pathetic. It would not surprise me if they simply don’t replace him at all, and go with just one guy in the booth. They’re that cheap and unprofessional.

  2. Lu Senz says:

    Another dick move by the Marlins, who never seem to run short of them. I’ve met many many sportswriters and on-air personalities in my career, and Tommy stands out as one of the nicest, classiest, and hard-working professionals among them. It’s impossible for me to believe that this is anything but another cost-cutting move for that alligator-armed ownership group. They may well hire nobody at all, but announce they’ve replaced him with an invisible mime.

  3. Borkon says:

    We should welcome Tommy Hutton back to the Phillies with open arms and a big paycheck.

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