Snow White Mugged Buying Beer in North Beach

dwarfA woman and her daughter buying a late-night beer at a small North Beach grocery were repeatedly stabbed after getting into a fight with a 300-pound man who punched one of them in the face.

Miami Beach police said the two women, 27-year-old Jennifer Gaal and her mother 55-year-old Blanca Nieves — which translates to Snow White — were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami on Wednesday morning. — Miami Hurled

Identifying himself as a dwarf named Stabby, the 6 foot tall 300 pound assailant  is claiming Stand Your Ground defense.

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2 Responses to Snow White Mugged Buying Beer in North Beach

  1. Diesel Fitter says:

    Had she been properly armed, this might have been avoided. All Fairy Tales characters should undergo weapons training.

  2. Joe Balls says:

    Snow White and the Seven Navy Seals. A Disney production coming to a theatre near you.

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