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In Tallahassee, Hugs for Thugs

A grand jury’s indictment on Monday of two abortion opponents who covertly recorded Planned Parenthood officials is the latest, most startling sign that a Republican campaign against the group has run into trouble. In a dozen states including Texas, where … Continue reading

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Sheikh It Up Baby

Saudi Arabia’s top cleric has declared the playing of chess “forbidden,” calling it a waste of time and money that creates hatred between players. In a fatwa, or religious decree, issued in response to a question from a caller to … Continue reading

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Phone Phun Part One

I call AT&T U-Verse on Friday morning to say my modem is functioning erratically and I need a new one. AT&T asks me to unplug and replug it, at which point if fails entirely. You evil bastards you. Now will … Continue reading

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In 1983, David Bowie announced the amibitous schedule for his Serious Moonlight Tour: 50 American cities, one show in each except for New York (two) and Philadelphia (three). Bowie loved Philadelphia, and we loved Bowie. Guido and I had been … Continue reading

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What Has Eight Legs and Piles?

The new year is only hours old when I (a) stride face-first into a spider web, and (2) step squarely on a mound of dog shit (barefoot, of course). The good news is that both events occurred outside, in the … Continue reading

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