Bang Bang Lulu

VetsThis is the entrance next door to Guido’s orthopedist in a medical office building. Note the FOR YOUR SAFETY sign. Evidently management has concerns about armed patients, all of whom are military veterans.

Study Questions

  1. On the assumption that military veterans receive training in the proper use and care of weapons, why do providers violate the Constitutional rights of these same trained personnel’s to bear them? Doesn’t it seem like if these should be individuals be trusted explicitly with weapons?
  1. It’s a common refrain among ammosexuals that the more guns there are in the hands of citizens, the safer we all will be. If so, explain why guns in the hands of individuals specifically trained in weapons’ use and care are prohibited from ensuring the safety of medical personnel at this veterans’ center.
  1. Given this prohibition, is it accurate to conclude that the US Military medical establishment doesn’t trust its own veterans and/or their own training? How should veterans feel about this official attitude?
  1. Does olive green hypocrisy taste the same as nave blue hypocrisy? Camouflage?

There will not be a pop quiz — we don’t want to startle anybody.

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4 Responses to Bang Bang Lulu

  1. Cap says:

    that doc would be Sawbone Blom?

  2. Private Partz says:

    Be damn sure the medical staff there is armed and dangerous, though. Especially if you include the regimen of brain-melting narcotics they dispense like Pez.

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