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The World According to Garbage

As long as we’re talking about shame and shamelessness, let’s talk about former House Speaker and future con Denny Hastert — The sex abuse victim who testified against Dennis Hastert at the former U.S. House speaker’s sentencing hearing said he … Continue reading

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She Wore Blue Velvet

I’m old, so I missed it — what’s YOUR excuse? I refer, of course, to The last week’s eMerge conference at Miami Beach Convention Center, which, according to the breathless account in the Miami Hurled, was dedicated largely to the … Continue reading

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Day of the Data Lip-Off

Some English-as-a-Fourth-Language skunk on the line claims he’s from MicroSoft. Tells me they detect serious viral problems on my computer so I need to follow his step-by-step instructions to detect and then delete malware files! Okay please? So press key … Continue reading

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Dress Code

The manager of the Toronto Blue Jays faced a backlash on Wednesday after saying players might have to “wear dresses” because umpires in Tuesday’s game enforced a new slide rule designed to take deliberate contact out of baseball. Complaining about … Continue reading

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