Wyld Thing: An Update

ThiWyld taps business with the Wyld label troubles me enough I go the Uinta Brewery website to poke around for additional information, and discover nothing at all about its demise. So I use the customer feedback function to send a plaintive message: Failing to find it [Wyld] on shelves for several weeks, I asked and was told that Wyld was discontinued, replaced by Pale Ale. Sad if true. Please confirm. Thanks.

A few days later I get a response: Wyld has not been discontinued, and there is no plan to do that! You might just be experiencing a lack of it in inventory in your area. You can use our online beer finder to try and find the Wyld: http://www.uintabrewing.com/map.php and I can confidently confirm it’s not going anywhere!

That’s good news, of course, although it makes me wonder why their own distributor explicitly stated otherwise. Rank ignorance, or maybe just the irresistible urge to spew bullshit so widespread this day and age?

The other disturbing news is that using the provided “online beer finder” I discover that the closest inventory of the product is in Richmond, VA. Not exactly a day trip.

Well, mixed news is better than bad news, so I won’t brew-hoo about it. And as noted, it’s only beer, and there are plenty of choices. Bottoms up!

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3 Responses to Wyld Thing: An Update

  1. Living Will says:

    Nice to see you’re thinking about beer before 8 on a weekday morning

  2. J. Arthur Rank #gong says:

    I resent the use of the term “rank ignorance.” Racist.

  3. Wonton Amaro says:

    As long as you’re asking them questions (and actually getting answers), maybe you might ask what that strange logo on the bottle is supposed to signify.

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