And He Could See Russia, Too!

A friend filed the following dispatch from the Alaskan Bay:

“We continued south on a ship whose first port of call was Skagway.  It turns out that part of Sarah Palin’s childhood was spent here. The house, built in 1899, was small with light blue aluminum siding and a pretty picket fence around the property. While I did not see a bronze plaque explaining that it was a building of historical significance, I did see [this] sign nailed on the picket fence.”

Skagway - Spitting Prohibited



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4 Responses to And He Could See Russia, Too!

  1. Barbara Ganouche says:

    Everything about Sarah Palin points to what a class act she is.

  2. Frank of Oregon says:

    “Slagway” sounds kind of creepy. Somewhere between Skankway and Segway. But that’s a very cute (mucous free) house.

  3. Ruh Roh says:

    My father used to sing a corny old song with lyrics like “What did Dela-ware” and “I don’t know Al-Ask-a.” It wasn’t funny back then, either. But this reminded me of that.

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