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And You Thought CREP* Was Bad

We have telephones in the house that call out the name of the caller. They’re a speech therapist’s nightmare. They also can’t differentiate between a name and an acronym, so when (e.g.) the call comes from an entity shown as … Continue reading

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The Ace of Cubs

The three of us secure perches at our usual spot on the rounded far edge of the bar, where we survey the churning curiosity that comprises the customer base as well as the teevee screens with updates on the latest … Continue reading

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Locker Room Talk

Lots of talk these days about abusive men, microaggressions, safe spaces on campus, male privilege, etc. Many of these conversations are accompanied by red faces, waving fingers, and spluttering insults, especially when alcohol is involved. Ask me how I know. … Continue reading

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Around The Hurled in 80 Clicks

Early Friday I find a Sun-Sentinel instead of a Miami Hurled wrapped in plastic (along with the NY Times) on my driveway, so I call the Hurled to report the error. The usual recorded message plays, encouraging subscribers to go … Continue reading

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