Locker Room Talk

parlophoneLots of talk these days about abusive men, microaggressions, safe spaces on campus, male privilege, etc. Many of these conversations are accompanied by red faces, waving fingers, and spluttering insults, especially when alcohol is involved. Ask me how I know.

Anyway, here are the lyrics from a supergroup’s popular song in 1965. How would this sound today?

Run For Your Life

Well I’d rather see you dead, little girl than to be with another man

You better keep your head, little girl or I won’t know where I am


You better run for your life if you can, little girl

Hide your head in the sand little girl

Catch you with another man

That’s the end ah little girl


Well I know that I’m a wicked guy and I was born with a jealous mind

And I can’t spend my whole life trying just to make you toe the line


Let this be a sermon, I mean everything I’ve said

Baby, I’m determined and I’d rather see you dead


Story is that years later, John Lennon expressed regret about the sentiments reflected here, but I doubt today’s activists would cut him any slack, and probably call him a racist.

Reached for comment, Yoko Ono screeched unintelligibly.

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4 Responses to Locker Room Talk

  1. Ted Williams' Head says:

    Is a parlophone a person who fears parlos? Inquiring (and detached) minds want to know.

  2. Mumblety Peg says:

    Men are such pigs.

  3. Living Will says:

    That’s funny about Yoko.

  4. Sue Perfluous (not my real name) says:

    Now you’ve done it — if this gets around, snowflake millennials will demand their college stations to remove it permanently.

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