And You Thought CREP* Was Bad

rpofWe have telephones in the house that call out the name of the caller. They’re a speech therapist’s nightmare. They also can’t differentiate between a name and an acronym, so when (e.g.) the call comes from an entity shown as CEO Ltd, the phone hollers, “Call from Cheeo Litid.”

Harmless enough especially when 90% of the time I don’t answer the goddam phone anyway as it’s almost always somebody selling something, a wrong number, or a robot. As Joe Walsh advised, “Just leave a message/Maybe I’ll call.”

Then there’s the endless political calls. On a daily basis, now, we’re getting calls from the Republican Party of Florida (god alone knows why). This shows up on the phone’s display as RPOF, and is announced as, “Call from Rip-Off.”

Rip-Off. Heh. Must be a smart phone, after all.

*For the youngsters: CREP (pronounced CREEP) was the “Committee to Re-Elect the President,” a fine American named Richard Nixon.

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3 Responses to And You Thought CREP* Was Bad

  1. Alex Bell says:

    We never get calls here in lil’ olde Clinton, NC because nobody known where it is.

    • Sue Perfluous (not my real name) says:

      Place named Clinton we’re probably all better off, Cuz.
      — Alexander Graham Bellwiczinsky
      (First Telephone Pole)

  2. Hugh Bris says:

    I dunno, man. Would “Dip-Off” be much of an improvement?

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