Oh Will They Never Learn?

Wow, I missed this anniversary by a few days, but better nate than lever! Was about 2 years ago this week that America’s wingnuts went full-bore batshit paranoid about Jade Helm, the start of a season that ended with them making complete asses of themselves, ready for the Next Big Hoax to (spoiler alert: it was Pizzagate).

Let’s relive those hilarious moments, and remember to remind your neighborhood (or Facebook) Trumpanzees exactly how stoopid they will look in short order, even if they don’t see it now. No need for glass slippers, Dorothy! We got your links. Here we go!

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4 Responses to Oh Will They Never Learn?

  1. E.O. Hippus says:

    Glad you reminded us about that — especially when the First Adolescent starts tweeting about “fake news” in the MSM from his early morning perch on the White House john. The linked story linked to a follow-up, equally entertaining. I forgot that Infowars was a big part of this — didn’t Alex Jones look smart in his recent interview with Megyn Kelly?

  2. Travis T says:

    This is how Trump got elected — not only people too damn dumb to sort fantasy from reality, but too eager to believe what they want instead of facing reality. I wonder what role the Russians played in getting this story out there, pushing it through websites, funneling resources to conspiracy groups. That’s their style these days.

    • NME says:

      That’s right, snowflake. Blame the Russians. That would be YOUR delusional world view.

      • Travis T says:

        I don’t blame the Russians, dickwad. I blame moron American voters like you who believe all that crap and more.

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