Sex in the Shadow of COVID-19

In fact, this brief post has NOTHING TO DO with sex, but I figured putting that in the title might generate a few hits. Expecially considering this blog has been silent for about a year.

But with the entire world (exception: moronic Trumpanzees still in denial) hunkering down, maybe this is the moment to resurrect, even if only temporarily.  Your thoughts?

Meanwhile, Corona spotting! — a 1957 Dodge Corona!Dodge

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9 Responses to Sex in the Shadow of COVID-19

  1. Otto Moe Beal says:

    Waddya mean it has nothing to do with sex — that car is sexy as all get-out. PS It’s a Dodge Coronet, not a Corona.

  2. Justin Saying says:

    Yeah! And you be sure many a virgin lost their virginity in the back seat of that car….HA! nothing to do with sex indeed.

  3. Attila the Pun says:

    My two scents — Old Spice and I’d like to have this blog active again. If you’ve got the thyme, I’ve got the Corona. Not the virus. Or the car. PS Long-time reader, but my very first comment posted.

  4. Rusty Trombone says:

    I was gonna read this based on the title, but when I got to the disclaimer I put my dick away.

  5. C.B. Hudirolf says:

    Turns out there WAS a car called a Corona — made by Toyota. Not to be confused with Jerry Colonna, which is sort of a racist joke. I blame the virus.

  6. Squathole says:

    Interesting and pleasantly surprised by spike in flat number of hits following this post — evidently there ARE some readers still wandering around out there. Lots of people confining themselves, I imagine, including Rusty Trombone (above) who SHOULD be confined, as probably restrained. So I’ll give it a twirl, and see if I can keep posting. Feedback encouraged, as always.

  7. Travis T says:

    Nice to see this again! Hope you can keep it going. And maybe clean out those old links on the blogroll — it’s like reading the obits. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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