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Joltin’ Joe Has Left and Gone Away

Anticipating Thanksgiving, Guido gives the coffee maker a thorough cleaning. Next morning it dies. Because, 2020. So Guido replaces the Mister Coffee unit with another Mister Coffee unit. The new model has exactly one control button, front and center, which … Continue reading

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Coming Into Money

Around the country, November has been declared National Philanthropy Month, a time for non-profit organizations to ramp up their self-promotional and solicitation activities, often to the annoyance of the general public. Having spent most of my career in non-profit endeavor, … Continue reading

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Oh, look: it’s Friday! If you can read this, you made it. Welcome to Obalesque Weekend Edition. As opposed to the Weakened Edition. Well before the #TrumPandemic era, I intended to retool this blog significantly, concentrating on the conversations and … Continue reading

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It’s no secret that Florida’s unemployment system is not only stingy with its benefits level, it’s intentionally inefficient, buggy, and designed to frustrate would-be filers. This was the handiwork of former Governor (now Senator) Dickwithears, who wanted to minimize costs … Continue reading

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Erection Day Eve

Listening to a remake of that great old Motown song by the Four Tops, Thame Old Thong, by the Lispers. Yeah!

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