tequila.jpgUpdate: 11/11/20

The year is 2020, unlike my vision (or even hindsight), and for reasons about which I’m not clear, it seems the time is right to re-start blogging in earnest. So off we go, and let’s see how long it lasts.

What I miss most about this exercise is the feedback — the comments that often take off on a dialogue of their own among pseudonymous parties exercising their own best biases and sarcasm. Here’s hopes that some old hands return, and new voices appear. After all, it’s free!

I dusted out the Blogroll (sad to see so many departures), and, with assistance, managed to load archived copies of Critical Miami and Klotz As In Blood, two prior platforms to which I contributed what was then called “content” (and maybe still is. I don’t care).

The original text for this “About” page remains below.

Thanks for stopping by!


“Obalesque” ain’t my first blog. (And Squathole ain’t my real name. My real name is funnier.) With great regret, I had to put down this blog’s immediate predecessor like a foaming rabid dog, but its demise inspired howls, growls, and the gnashing of teeth worthy of a rabid creature in their own right. So I’ll relaunch in a new neighborhood, on a limited basis, with both deep humility and appreciation for readers’ affection.

FWIW, I’m in Hollywood, Florida (the nation’s dicktip), because if I owned an ass, I’d prefer to park it on a beach than anywhere else on earth.

Feel free to send me email at Squathole@gmail.com.  Cash and money orders  accepted, too.

Hey. about those ads that pop up in the posts: I don’t have any control over their content and appearance whatsoever.  In fact, I don’t even see them myself, I only hear about them from indignant readers.  It’s the price I pay for free hosting from WordPress, I guess.  Sorry.  If anybody knows a way out, please contact me.

10 Responses to About

  1. Michael Martin says:


    i was just wondering whether you were the guy at vagabond friday who was passing out a small flyer that was a poem split into a grid in black and white. there is also a number of them at sweat records. that night i had asked if you had work i could find online and you mentioned a blog with a url i do not remember. ive been searching voraciously as the flyer/poem/ art thing did not have a single bit of contact information. please email me back at banyanroots@gmail.com if it is indeed you.

    thank you,

  2. Virginia says:

    Dear SK,

    Funny, funny, smart & crude. Love it!

    I’m trying to respond to the blog in general, not Michael Martin’s query. I don’t see you handing out flyers, but maybe I’m wrong.


  3. Squathole says:

    Dear Virginia

    (1) Yes, there is a Santa Claus. Have to write that when I write “Dear Virginia.” (2) No, I wasn’t the guy Mr Martin was looking for. and I emailed him a response at the time. (3) You spelled “SH” wrong. (4) Thanks for the good words and please stop by again. Your insights on anything posted here will be deeply appreciated not only by me, but other readers, of whom there are whole, um, dozens.

    Stop blogging at work.

  4. twochords says:

    Hey Squathole!!!!
    This is me. Remember me? This is TWOCHORDS. I created a Blog Page-I think.

    Bay steps; bay steps!!!!!!

    By-now (that’s the expression, I have only ever heard from another Philadelphian use). Love it!!!!!!

  5. Squathole says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere, 2-chords. Now what?

    By now, pay later?

  6. Coupon Mom says:

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  7. miamism says:

    just added you to my blogroll – I like the opinionated ….especially when there is no malice involved

    • Squathole says:

      Thanks, ‘ism….although you’ve caught me a crossroads here w/r/t the blog’s continuation. (Oh, and full disclosure: there’s often malice.)

      btw — What blogroll?

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