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Keep It Wrinkled

In sentencing a 19-year-old who pleaded guilty to statutory rape last week, a judge in Idaho made it clear his punishment would include an extra wrinkle: government-mandated celibacy. — New York Times Too funny. And it doesn’t help that the … Continue reading

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Is That a Lump In Your Throat or Are You Just Angry?

I come across this passage in a long-ish NY Times Magazine essay on the demise of the socialist party in France: …as for Hollande personally, Sailliot raised his hand in a gesture, not uncommon among Frenchmen, to indicate his testicles’ … Continue reading

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Water This

In my little patch of eastern Hollywood, we’re in Year Two of a project that has featured streets and alleys torn to shreds and barely paved over or just left raw, floods from backed-up sewers and broken pipes, traffic detours, … Continue reading

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Die Laughing

It seems I am “personally invited” (by mail) to “a seminar with a complimentary meal.” Who knew complimentary meals conducted seminars, free or otherwise? Oh, no wait, I see. If I attend this, um, seminar, which back in the days … Continue reading

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The Smartest Guy (No Longer) in Town

Seems as though Hollywood’s business and community leadership is growing inpatient at the lack of interest in Sean Cononie Memorial Vacant Lot, formerly known as a homeless shelter and eyesore. About two years ago, the city of Hollywood handed Sean … Continue reading

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Ten Years After

…. with apologies to the late great Alvin Lee. It has nothing to with him or the band, just that I found this from exactly 10 years ago today and thought it worth a second look. Holy Hell, It’s Christmas … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!

No, not you, Jesus — first we have a real immortal. Ludwig van Beethoven December 16, 1770 – March 26, 1827

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