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No quacking required. We can sum up the sentiments of the day with one sentence: It’s Cinco de Mayo, and all the bars are closed. Coronavirus replaces Corona beer, swapping out the deplorable with death. Not very inspirational, even for … Continue reading

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May Day 2020

May Day, celebrated the first day of the fifth month, goes ‘way back. Wikipedia says so, which makes it true! Although a Google search includes the question, “Why us [sic] doesn’t celebrate May Day?” and goes on to explain that … Continue reading

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Happy Bidet To You……..

Panicked Americans have effectively emptied the shelves and supply of toilet paper. Confronting shortages, various alternatives have been proposed, including coffee filters, corn cobs (an old traditional practice), and of course, newspapers. Locally, it would seem as though the Miami … Continue reading

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Swing and a Miss — and Missing the Swings

I am not inside the Liquor & Rubber Balls Sports Bar and Underwear Pressing Service since it was shit down like everywhere else, so it is a pleasant surprise to bump into (so to speak) Duck Diamonds as he emerges … Continue reading

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Been reading that one after-effect of this shelter-at-home phenomenon will be evident in 9 months or so when there’s a spike in births. With nothing to do and nowhere to go, couples are, well, coupling. This inevitably leads to pregnancies, … Continue reading

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WHORER (from the #Trumpandemic files)

This morning we welcome to our virtual interview room Mr. Dennis Dumas, recently appointed Director of the White House Office of Reactive Emergency Responses, or WHORER. The thinking behind establishing this new agency is that our nation’s current models are … Continue reading

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The Verminator

Among the plethora of lessons to learn from this current pandemic: we’re reeling in real time from horrifying discoveries about political leadership; the role of science; heroism in unlikely places; our own mortality; the world’s fragile interdependent economy. Etc., the … Continue reading

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New Jork Pest

In part because I’m an old fart (that rhymes!) who harbors this comedically outdated notion that high-quality, professional journalism plays an essential role in the functioning of a successful democracy, I’m a 30-year subscriber to the NY Times. Underpaid substance … Continue reading

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Sex in the Shadow of COVID-19

In fact, this brief post has NOTHING TO DO with sex, but I figured putting that in the title might generate a few hits. Expecially considering this blog has been silent for about a year. But with the entire world … Continue reading

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He Said It Out Loud

Yes, this is about beer. Yes, again.  Yes, I will reiterate my frustration over “craft beers” that taste like cake topping or citrus punch – on purpose. Brewers carefully mix in everything from pigeon pee to craisenette squeezings in search … Continue reading

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