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Jack Offs

I become  a “Tennessee Squire” in 1991 when I purchase a plot of land at the Jack Daniel Distillery. For about $25 (as I recall), I get a certificate of ownership, a title (“Squire Squathole” has a pleasant ring, innit?), … Continue reading

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It’s 10:10 Somewhere

Experts who exhumed the body of Salvador Dalí to collect samples for use in a paternity claim have revealed that the enigmatic artist’s trademark mustache still graces his face almost three decades after he died. Narcís Bardalet, the embalmer who … Continue reading

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Keep It Wrinkled

In sentencing a 19-year-old who pleaded guilty to statutory rape last week, a judge in Idaho made it clear his punishment would include an extra wrinkle: government-mandated celibacy. — New York Times Too funny. And it doesn’t help that the … Continue reading

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And He Could See Russia, Too!

A friend filed the following dispatch from the Alaskan Bay: “We continued south on a ship whose first port of call was Skagway.  It turns out that part of Sarah Palin’s childhood was spent here. The house, built in 1899, … Continue reading

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This story starts in a lake in Schenectady, NY. Seems a young man hooked himself an an alligator gar — unusual fish for that area, native of Mississippi. He kept it long enough to have a photo taken, then, as … Continue reading

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Ya Still Gunna Believe?

Nothing like a morgue full of assassinated cops to cook up confusion among the ammosexual community. All of a sudden everything they’ve been babbling about seems not just suspect, but stoopid. Start with “The best defense against a bad guy … Continue reading

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Maine Line

    We’re back from our jaunt up the east coast, with stops in Philadelphia (“The City of Bodily Harm”) and southeastern Maine. The Maine town of Cornish would appear to be run by a bunch of real killjoys. So … Continue reading

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