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Time To Quit Smoking

Police in San Diego have arrested a 400lb “bearded lady” after a man was stabbed in the neck. The 39-year-old man walked up to a group of people and asked them for a cigarette on Wednesday evening, local NBC news … Continue reading

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It’s Special

Not to downplay even a little bit the fabulous sex and uncountable money, it strikes me that included among the greatest benefits of celebrity are the opportunities to prominently participate in activities like this. Great job, Jamaal Charles. Oh, alright … Continue reading

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Red White & Boo Hoo

Spotted this on Facebook and had to chuckle……. In fact, I don’t agree — freedom of expression, no matter how odious and ignorant, isn’t susceptible to government penalization– but it’s an interesting perspective on those bitter hinds who grumble that … Continue reading

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Ya Gotta Believe

Despite dire warnings, anguished Sky-Is-Falling cries, and grim vows to resist, the military operation dubbed Jade Helm has been launched on schedule in Texas. In case you missed them, months ago the Wingnut Echo chamber was vibrating with alarms about … Continue reading

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And Have a Nice Day

Got plans for tomorrow? For Friday’s Quds Day rallies, the annual protest against the Israeli occupation of Palestine (Quds is the Persian name for Jerusalem), Iran’s Coordination Council of Islamic Propaganda released the preferred slogans on its website on Tuesday. … Continue reading

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Gettin’ High in Canada

I bet it seemed like a good idea at the time. A man who tied about 100 helium balloons to a garden chair and flew over the Canadian city of Calgary has been charged with causing mischief. – BBC I … Continue reading

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Nonbelievers 1, Righteous 0

Oklahoma’s Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that the state must remove its Ten Commandments monument at the state Capitol because it violates the state Constitution, which bans using public property for the benefit of a religion. In a 7-2 decision, … Continue reading

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Underboob!

Part of the problem with non-news stories like Bruce Caitlyn Jenner dominating the media is they crowd out genuinely important stories like this one. Thailand’s military government warned women on Monday against posting ‘selfie’ photos of the lower half of … Continue reading

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Well, He Stole Her Boyfriend’s Heart, So…….

An Oklahoma woman accused of slashing the face and cutting body parts off the corpse of a romantic rival will appear in a Tulsa court on Friday for a hearing on increasing her bail, law enforcement officials said. Prosecutors said … Continue reading

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The “Ed Stone”

Too funny to resist. Who needs Monty Python when we have Real British Politics? LONDON — The British press on Tuesday was hot on the trail of the “Ed Stone,” the much ridiculed stone tablet — more than eight feet … Continue reading

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