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Maybe They’ll Move to Richmond, Too

The Washington Redskins lost their biggest legal and public relations battle yet in the war over its mascot after a federal judge in Northern Virginia on Wednesday ordered the cancellation of the NFL team’s federal trademark registrations, which have been … Continue reading

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Just Nasty

The only ones I would wish this on are Dallas Cowboys fans.

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Meat, The New Boss

The Marlins fire their manager and replace him with a guy with zero major league experience, whose last baseball managerial position was with a high school team in the 80s. In other related news, Marlins President Jeff Loria replaces his … Continue reading

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Up Next: Battle of the Bottom Feeders

Just two weeks ago in this space, I obnoxiously opined that local coverage of the Marlins was a load of over-hyped fertilizer inspired by an aggressive and hollow ownership team, stuff that any sensible baseball observer recognized as smoke, mirrors, … Continue reading

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Base Bawl

And another season starts! Are we excited? Depends on who you are, I guess. If you’re a baseball writer in south Florida, you’re thrilled to the point of what former Fed Reserve Chief Alan Greenspan called “irrational exuberance,” known in … Continue reading

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Following yet another pis-poor performance for a team that overpaid for his services, Phillies’ closer Jonathan Papelbon strode off the field, grabbing his shrunken nuts, and contemptuously gesturing at derisive fans. Hilarious video here. He was immediately ejected. He dashed … Continue reading

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Out of the Race and Off the Hook

While it’s challenging to find anything positive to say regarding the Giancarlo Stanton incident, at least it signals the end of the annoying prattle in the Miami Hurled and other local media about the team’s “legitimate” shot at a wild … Continue reading

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Traded to the Angels

Godspeed, Don Zimmer.  We lost a good one, sports fans. For a few seasons in the minors, Zimmer and Richie Ashburn shared hotel rooms on the road.  Ashburn went on to a splendid major league career mostly with the Phillies, … Continue reading

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The Umpire State

The long Memorial Day weekend provides opportunity to partake of the social life at the Liquor and Rubber Balls Sports Emporium and Custom Gift Wrapping, so Saturday late afternoon I trip in (literally — just not used to shoes yet, … Continue reading

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Oh, Snap

In one of the more freakish injuries to take place on Opening Day 2014, Angels hitting coach Don Baylor appeared to injure his right leg while catching a ceremonial first pitch from retiring Angel Vladimir Guerrero. Guerrero, who hit .319/.381/.546 … Continue reading

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