Rogers, Over and Out

Neil Rogers died today.  No word on what will happen to his unopened Christmas presents.  Read it here.

Neil, god.  Thanks for everything, and for all that changed for the better because of you.

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3 Responses to Rogers, Over and Out

  1. Key Liam says:

    The Herald ran his obit today.

    I never met Neil Rogers, but his coming out on the air was one of the reasons I could make my way through a very difficult time with my own self-awareness as a gay male. I know a lot of other gay people who say the same thing. I’ll always be grateful to him for his courage and leadership. Besides, he was a very funny guy, very entertaining, and unique in a market filled with mediocre clones.

    Rest in Peace, Neil.

  2. MadamI says:

    No one will ever fulfill the ability to pee my pants while driving to Miami ever again. You have left a big bladder void. RIP Neil Baby!!

  3. Mr Schwinnckle says:

    Only 2 comments for such a great man. So much talent. He will be missed. Jorge is still around on and I have been listening the last few days.

    So many great bits:
    Prison Bitch
    French Fry guy
    Bridgetender! (wasnt a bit but an actual call!)
    Neil God!
    Lone me $50, Larry King
    the idiots that would call into the show and Neil would ream them a new asshole for being stupid. The same with the execs that tried to screw him.

    He will be missed!

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