Erection Day Eve

Listening to a remake of that great old Motown song by the Four Tops, Thame Old Thong, by the Lispers. Yeah!

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6 Responses to Erection Day Eve

  1. Old Timer says:

    Don’t remember that version (but I like it!). Don’t remember much of anything, actually.

  2. Dawgbowl says:

    Well, well, look who’s back from the dead — must have been that blue moon on Halloween. Are you planning to hang around a while? I’ll fix some popcorn.

  3. Ruh Roh says:

    Yo, shouldn’t that band be named be The Lithperth?

  4. Jeff Hansen says:

    that’s now my favorite song

  5. Aaron C. Pshowe says:

    …but with a different feeling, now that you be gone!

  6. Wonton Amaro says:

    They also did Thumb Kind of Wonderful. “Can’t I get a witneth?”

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