Slim and None

10219Mistress Elizabeth was over yesterday scowling at my computer, which made the bad choice to give her a raft of cybershit, so she got out her byte-wrench and beat the crap out of it all night.  So no post today.  Sorry.  But the computer is running much better following its defrag, compression, and thorough flogging.

Which may or not be a blessing in disguise, because I was planning to write a commentary on the explosion at the Slim Jim Snacks Plant, suggesting that it was the result of too many workers snacking on too many Slim Jims, resulting in a build-up of Slim Jim inspired anal gas emissions.  Anybody who has ever over-indulged in those nasty inedible cylinders knows they not only cause lots of farts, but burning farts, the kind that make grown men leap from their chairs squealing, and hoof it down the hallway.

This is a tasteless enough perspective even without mixing in the resulting deaths and injuries, so in a way it’s better I didn’t have the chance to expound.

Have a great day everybody!  And watch your diet.

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2 Responses to Slim and None

  1. Mark Skid says:

    I got through undergraduate school on Slim Jims and beer. I don’t remember them causing excess gas, but it didn’t take too many to make my stomach churn battery acid.

  2. Dawgbowl says:

    Yeah, that’s what it had to be, alright. Some of the guys lighting farts on their mid-morning break. Too bad we’ll never see it on youtube.

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