Blogs Who Died, Died

I see that two blogs on my blogroll have snuffed it in the night.  Breakfast In Bed and Crespogram Report lead to 404 type messages.  That’s sad. Although the 404 messages are a lot more colorful and friendly than they used to be.

I’ll take them off this week, but not before noting that I hope you two will remain visitors here.  If and when you re-launch, please let me know.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of local action.  And for the far-flung, to keep my perspective from dulling from overexposure to the M\Nation’s Dictkip, there’s Attytude, McCrabass, Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub, and The Daily Dolt.  And more.  So many blogs, so little time.

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5 Responses to Blogs Who Died, Died

  1. julesagray says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Hoss.

  2. al crespo says:

    Thank you “cljahn.” Obviously Obalesque hadn’t visited my site in a while because that change occurred months ago. The rumors of my website’s demise are premature, but one never knows.

  3. cljahn says:

    I only know because I emailed you about your “broken page” a couple of months ago. And I also knew that since there is no way you will let that website shut down while you’re alive and kicking, and I hadn’t see you in the death notices, that the website must still be up somewhere.

  4. Squathole says:

    Nice to see Crespogram is alive, if not exactly well. My visits to the site over the last few months resulted in the 404 message — it’s only now that I bothered to say anything to anybody and here’s the result. I didn’t read a damn thing anywhere about changing sites.

    It’s your business, Al, be as secretive as you please for whatever twisted reason you concoct — but if you have something to say (which you do), do a better job of letting people know where you’re saying it. Not everybody out here is a nerdy geek who follows every ripple in teh shuffling inhterwebs.

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