Marcus Makes His Move

Almost as delicious as the news from SCOTUS has been the gnashing of ‘Pub teeth and shrill cries of fury and despair. Talk about all the king’s horses and all the king’s men — even with a solid ‘Pub Congress and conservative Court the party of Old Straight White Men can’t always get what they want.

TMarcus+Bachmann+Republican+Candidates+Vie+PHjY-w_pxOqlhen there’s this tasty little diversion:

STILLWATER, Minn. – Fresh on the heels of today’s decision by the Supreme Court that the right to same-sex marriage is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, comes news from Minnesota that Marcus Bachmann, husband of former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, has filed for divorce.

Rumors of marital discord surfaced last March, after Indiana Governor Mike Pence enacted what became known as the RFRA, or the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Reports surfaced that Mr. Bachmann was denied service in Indiana from a dress boutique owner who assumed he “was perhaps a homosexual man”, rumors that have been staunchly denied. [via]

Mister Marcus runs a “counseling center” where therapy is provided to “cure” homosexual behavior. He’s big into “pray away the gay,” too. A few years ago, he mentioned in an interview on a Christian radio talk show that homosexuals are like “barbarians” who “need to be educated, need to be disciplined.”Howe’s that working out, Mucous?

I don’t know the man personally, but he sure triggers my gaydar alerts — that all-too-familiar self-loathing specimen that postures loud and long while denying all. And the timing of this news is intriguing: maybe he sees a path not only out of marriage to that half wit, but into the arms of a strong, supportive man. It’s clear the poor dear needs a hug. But here’s the best —

“It’s unfair that just because Marcus Bachmann shops for Michele’s outfits, he’s branded a gay person,” says GOP fundraiser and political commentator Althea Thoone. “It’s a big gay stereotype. We would all sit and laugh about it. Marcus would laugh the hardest and longest. As Michele has said many times in the past, there’s never been a gay bone in his body.”

“Hardest and longest.” Dog whistle much? And maybe it’s true that “there’s never been a gay bone in his body,” but maybe he’s put one in somebody else’s?

Great stuff for the Faithful. Keep it comin’. Whoops!

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6 Responses to Marcus Makes His Move

  1. Eye Don't says:

    The federal gubmint doesn’t issue marriage licenses. Only states do.
    Why do we need a license and regulation from a state to exercise a natural right?!
    Religious people can have a religious ceremony if they choose.
    Everyone else can have any ceremony they choose or, no ceremony at all!
    Say some words, make some promises, self identify as married.
    Or, just go with common law marriage:

    • Neil, A Christian Soul says:

      God tells us that only true legitimate marriage is between a man and a woman. Dr. Bachmann’s ministry to unfortunate homosexuals is a spiritual crusade for which he should be praised and supported, not made the subject of vicious lies and scandals. Common-law marriages, marriages unblessed by God and clergy, etc, as you suggest here are samples of sin against God’s instructions. I will pray for you, but you’re going to hell.

  2. One Man's Opinion says:

    I agree, he sure looks gay to me. Many men by clothing for their women and aren’t stereotyped as gay. It’s only when they insist on trying on the clothes that they get labeled. Just saying.

  3. Denny Hastert, Larry Craig, Mark Foley...... says:

    Well, he doesn’t look gay to us.

  4. Constance Turmohel says:

    Speaking of cream filled, Governor Krispy just announced his intended waddle to the White Tower.
    Maybe you should address our concerns for the coming donut shortage and not worry so much about stretched-out angora sweaters.

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