Starting Today, the Sun Shines Longer

That’s right — yesterday was the Winter Solstice, which means (1) winter begins, and (b) from this point forward the days grow longer as the nights grow shorter.  That’s “nights,” not “Knights,” who are unaffected.

Friday before Christmas and who wants to sit at a computer?  I strongly suggest everybody knock off early and hit the beach.  This is exactly what everybody else not as fortunate as to reside in south Florida would dearly love to do and can’t believe we here in the banana republic aren’t out there all the time, let alone in winter.

Mindful of all this, I’m taking my own counsel and heading down to visit with Tanya Hyde and the Haulover Beach chapter of Tanorexics Anonymous.  Swimsuit optional, which makes applying sunscreen an act of public indecency.  

Hope everybody has as joyous a holiday as these guys:

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3 Responses to Starting Today, the Sun Shines Longer

  1. Churchy LaFemme says:

    O Fearless Fred
    The footpad dread
    Set fire to
    His mama’s bed.

  2. ya' gotta' guessit says:

    Bark us all bow-wows of folly, polly wolly cracker n too-da-loo!
    Donkey Bonny brays a carol, antelope cantaloup, ‘lope with you!
    Hunky Dory’s pop is lolly gaggin’ on the wagon, willy, folly go through!
    Chollie’s collie barks at barrow, harum scarum five alarum bung-a-loo!

    Beauregard Bugleboy

  3. Old Timer says:

    Pogo fans, eh? You guys are ancients.

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